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update: 24th of April 2012

Abstracts included from: T. Ziebermayr, M. Stefanovic, M. Stefani, V. Solovastru, C. Rachoy, T. Plattner, A. Corsini, K. Rehrl, T. Preseren (updated version), D. Stöhr, A. Schwingshandl, S. Kollarits, B. Dervodel, M. Aftias / S. Dodunekov

updated 23.5.2012, 13:20

Poster included about: Ganderberg landslide (South Tyrol, IT, PP5), Tyrolean Torrent Monitoring System (Tyrol, AT, PP13), Tyrolean Contingency Plan forest (Tyrol, AT, PP13), Executive Forest Agency (BG, PP8), IMI -BAS project experience (BG, PP11), Trafoi rockslide (South Tyrol, IT, PP7), University of Ljubljana (SI, PP4), Communities from Putna river area - Vrancea (RO, PP6)

updated: 11.5.2012, 8:50

Presentations available of:

Opening session: F. Schmid, R. Calcina, W. Mayrhofer

Introduction: H. Siegel/S.Kollarits

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Presentations available of: A. Corsini, I. Schnetzer, M. Stefani

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Presentations available of: T. Preseren/J. Papez/F. Steinman, V. Solovastru

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Presentations available of: B. Dervodel, T. Plattner, A. Schwingshandl, M. Aftias, C. Rachoy

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Presentations available of: T. Ziebermayr, K. Rehrl, S. Kollarits, M. Stefanovic, D. Stöhr/I. Schnetzer

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