Project Progress.

Here you can find recent outputs and results relating to the work packages. For published articles and press releases regarding the project and the project progress, please visit the Press Corner.

Outputs and results of WP 1

Outputs and results of WP 2

  • MONITOR II poster: Methods and IT-Tools Supporting Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Natural Hazards
  • MONITOR II folder - English & Romanian

Outputs and results of WP 3

  • WP3.2: 2 Reports incl. (1) Test-bed SWOT analyses, (2) best practice fact sheets and (3) best practice comparison & standards report

- Report 1: Hazard & risk mapping

- Report 2: Contingency planning

  • WP3-Brochure (methodology & best practice brochure) updated version (July 2011) incl. the strategy guidelines for project implementation - short summary of the brochure

Outputs and results of WP 4

  • WP4.1

- One final 4.1 report incl. (1) reports on information sources and information work-flows regarding CSA, (2) implementation specification, (3) review report on existing components and accepted standards as well as (4) technical specifications regarding WP4.4

- additional: Report on CSA Requirement Analysis Data (PP4) & Review Report (PP4)

  • WP4.3:

- User Feedback Reports:  LP (questionnaire), PP2 (questionnaire), PP3 & PP4,NEW! PP4, PP4 (CSA feedback questionnaire - Slovenian), PP13

- User manuals: Tablet/mobile client (German, LP & PP2), SMS alarming & forest damage reports (PP13), Scenario manager & geodatabase model (LP), NEW! CSA Rule Engine (PP4)

- Partner specific modules: Romanian EMIS (PP6), Concept situation assessment & decision support (PP13), NEW! Slovenien decision support for situation assessment (PP4)

  • WP4.4:

- CSA modules as components: Architecture of CSA (PP8), Checklist for "alert via SMS system" (German, PP13), NEW! CSA rule engine (PP4)

- Technical specifications for further development (see also additional output): Concept of mobile client application (German, PP13), CSA geodatabase model (LP), Romanian EMIS (PP6), CSA rule engine (PP4)

- Prototype base application

Outputs and results of WP 5

  • NEW! WP5.1: 

- Contingency Plans (CP):

Contingency plan for the Bulgarian test area Varbitza River (PP8),

New contingency plan Tyrol & contingency plan Tyrol updated with new methods &

Screenshot of the Contingeny Plan Tyrol (German, PP13),

Contingency plans / Intervention map - final versions (PP3, PP4)

Contingency plans / Intervention maps (PP4): Part One - Part Two

All maps developed by PP3 & PP4 are also available in Slovenian language here.

Contingency plan for the Gotse Delchev municipality (PP11)

Contingency plan for the Svilengrad municipality (PP11)

- additional outputs WP5.1: Evaluation report of the Tyrolean contingency plan forest (PP13)

  • NEW! WP5.2: Methodologies & databases:

Explanatory report for hazard mapping in Italy: Ganderberg & Trafoi (PP5, PP7)

Methodology for the update of hazard maps and plans of defense (PP6)

Methodology for the preparation of hazard maps - floods & landslides (PP6)

Methodology for / overview of contingency planning (PP11)

Database for hazard map development (PP8)

Standardized detection of forest with protective function (LP)

  • NEW! WP5.2: Hazard maps (HM)

- Hazard maps created following standard adopted:

PP4: 8 Hazard maps of the Slovenian test bed including 8 flood hazard scenarios (information on flood intensity are integrated)

PP5 & PP7: Hazard map for Ganderberg, Hazard map for Trafoi

PP6: Hazard maps for: floods & landslides, drainage, landslides in the region of Vidra, floods in the region of Vidra, landslides & floods in the test bed Putna river


Flood hazard map for Varbitza river: overview, area A1, area A2, area A3, area A4, area A5

Flood risk map for Varbitza river: overview, area A1, area A2, area A3, area A4, area A5

PP11: Flooding hybrid hazard map for the Gotse Delchev municipality & flooding hybrid hazard map for the Svilengrad municipality

- Hazard maps updated with new methodology:

PP2: Hazard map for Arlberg test bed updated and integrated

PP12: Evros flood zone & Flood risk assessment

  • NEW! WP5.3:

- Integrated services:

HYDRO-AS 2D model (PP8)

NEW! Combined intervention map and hazard map for the Austrian test bed (PP2)

NEW! Maps and plans online integrated on Slovenian webside (PP4)

- Contingency plans interfaced to real-time monitoring:

Real-time monitoring system for the Austrian test bed (PP2)

Real-time monitoring in Slovenia (PP4)

  • WP5.4:

- NEW! Implementation experience brochure regarding the cross-border field exercise (PP12)

- NEW! Information and pictures of the cross-border field exercise, April 2012 (PP11, PP12)

- CSA Field experience reports: EVROS2010 (PP11, PP12), CP Tyrol (PP13)

Outputs and results of WP 6

  • NEW! WP6.1

- Contingency Planning Guidelines (LP, PP2): final version

- CSA Practical Implementation Report (PP8)

- Recommendation report (LP)

- CSA Evaluation Report (PP8)

- Implementation guidelines for plan development and CSA integration (LP)

  • NEW! WP6.2: Proposals for adaptations:

- Tyrolean forest strategy (German, PP13)

- Slovenia (PP4)

- Recommendations for legal improvements (PP8)

For Austrian proposals please refer also to the Contingency Planning Guidelines.

  • NEW! WP6.3: Stakeholder feedback reports:

LP, PP2, PP3 & PP4, PP4, PP5 & PP7, PP8, PP11, PP13 (No. I, No. II)