Project Profile.

Currently, natural hazards such as floods, mass movements, earthquakes and forest fires are major factors increasing the vulnerability of the population in Southeast Europe (SEE). Until now, neither hazard mapping nor contingency planning have been transnationally coordinated in a sufficient manner.

Landslide of Valloria, Emilia-Romagna

To prevent natural disasters, the countries of SEE are increasing their efforts to develop measures to decrease risk factors, which lead to natural disasters. This can be done firstly, by enhancing preparedness and public awareness through communication and information, secondly, by devising land use plans and thirdly, by setting up reliable early warning systems.

Enhancing Preparedness

The prevention of natural hazards requires intensive awareness raising and training for preparedness. The ambitious communication structure and dissemination strategy of MONITOR II helps to achieve these objectives. Through permanent media work, which is based on a common communication and dissemination plan, the presentation of multi-lingual information material to a broad audience, the development of a project website to publish results for internal and external use as well as training courses, conferences and seminars of different stakeholder and target groups are strategies to achieve an enhanced preparedness.

Contingency Plans and Hazard Maps

Until now, in the case of trans-national emergencies and their prevention, the cooperation between member countries is often hampered by the existence of different procedures and standards. The aim of MONITOR II is to agree on a harmonised methodology for both, hazard maps and contingency plans. Moreover, guidelines are developed for the communication of complex information like forecasts and warnings to allow an efficient cooperation in real-time beyond national borders.


Due to the lack of a common early warning system in SEE countries, the "Continuous Situation Awareness" (CSA) system is developed. MONITOR II is offering a platform for public, politicians, emergency services and experts to discuss their needs concerning the development of a user-friendly CSA system, which is implemented and evaluated in test-beds. The CSA system supports users in planning tasks, situation assessment, decision making, communication and documentation of natural hazards.

MONITOR II improves the usability of hazard maps and contingency plans in a transnational and harmonised manner. The newly developed CSA system allows communication in all phases of disaster management in order to improve the security in situations of natural disaster and provide a safe future for the inhabitants of SEE countries.

The effectiveness of an early warning system