Project Structure.

Project Participants (plenum):

All people who are working in the MONITORII project.


Project Partners:

Legal Representative: Each partner nominates a legal representative (signatory), who is the official representative of the project. He is allowed to sign all contracts within the project. All Legal representatives are part of the Project Steering Committee.

Internal Project Leader: The internal project leader of each project partner is the main contact person. He is the representative of the partner concerning the daily work and part of the Core Working Group (CWG).

Staff and Experts for Work Packages: Staff, experts of each partner, who participate in a work package as well as external experts form the Transnational Thematic Working Group (TWG).


Lead Partner:

Concerning thematic work, the Lead Partner structure is the same as for all partners, but in addition, the Lead Partner is the final responsible partner representing MONITORII on the programme level. His responsibilities are shared with all project partners in the Partnership Agreement.


Project Coordination Team:

The project coordination team is the "internal project leader" of the Lead Partner and at the same time the transnational internal leader of the whole project. The team comprises of the Project Manager, Financial Manager and Communication Manager of the MONITORII project and is also part of the Project Steering Committee (PSC).


Project and Financial Manager:

The project and financial managers' tasks are to support the project and all partners in their daily work for MONITORII, to ensure the compliance of the project with the programme requirements, monitor and direct administrational & financial flows and to document the project outputs.


Project Communication Manager:

The communication manager is the interface between the project and the public (esp. JTS). He coordinates PR- and Communications activities and represents the project outwards.


Project Steering Committee:

Project Steering Committee consists of the legal representatives of all partners. The Project Steering Committee is responsible for monitoring and directing the project concerning administration and finances. Its tasks are taking the important decisions upon the project and approve all reports (progress and financial reports).


Core Working Group:

The Core Working Group consists of the Project Coordinator, the project manager, the  financial manager and the internal project leaders of each partner.


Thematic Working Groups:

One transnational working group is constituted for each thematic work package (TWG3, TWG4, TWG5, TWG6) for the MONITORII project. The Staff and experts of project partners who participate in this work package are part of the corresponding Transnational Working Group.